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Gardiner Animal Hospital Services

The Gardiner Animal Hospital offers a full range of veterinary services for all of the stages of your pet’s lifetime, including:

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Pet Wellness Care

The foundation of a healthy pet. This includes periodic wellness exams, vaccinations, and routine parasite control.

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Puppy and Kitten Care

We ensure that your new pet is off to the best possible start in life. We provide vaccinations, microchipping, spay and neuter surgeries, and more.

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Senior Pets

Our older fur family members need a little extra-specialized care to keep them feeling their best. From weight loss to healthy joints, we’ll make sure your senior pet stays happy and comfortable.

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Dietary and Behavioral Counseling

Loving your pet starts with learning how to best manage their well being. We can help with everything from proper nutrition to weight loss to specific medical needs.

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Pet Dental Care

Dental Hygiene is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and active. We offer routine cleanings as well as more complex dental care.

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Veterinary Diagnostic Services

Services range from blood work to X-rays and other screenings that may be done to help us determine a treatment plan for your pet.

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Veterinary Surgery

Our specialized surgical center allows us to monitor every breath your pet takes during surgical procedures.

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Hospitalization for Your Pets

Ensuring your pet is provided the level of care needed for frequent treatments, medical interventions, therapy and rejuvenation is critically important to the health of your pet and our staff.

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Pet Allergy and Dermatology Care

Allergies to food and skin conditions or whatever allergen ails your pet, we will get to the bottom of it and bring relief to you both!

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In-house Laboratory and Pharmacy

At Gardiner Animal Hospital, we are always looking out for our pet owners. Our facility lab and pharmacy help keep our costs down and your visit efficient.

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The Gardiner Animal Hospital is also here for all your domestic farm animal needs.

At Gardiner Animal Hospital we are always looking out for our pet owners and to provide the best care possible. Our facility lab and pharmacy help keep our costs down and your visits efficient.



In an emergency, outside of our normal office hours, we suggest contacting one of these 24/7 clinics:

Aimal Emergency Clinic

Poughkeepsie/Kingston, NY 12603

(845) 471-8242