Gardiner Animal Hospital

Gardiner Animal Hospital


Samantha Lupoli-Rudnitski

A big thanks to Dr. Austin for taking such good care of my Miss Pug. She made it difficult for you but you kept her safe and sound. Can't thank you enough!!!

Elizabeth Gallagher Kennedy

Thank you to all! Benji is feeling much better today! He is back to playing all. Thanks again!

John Garesche

A big shout out to the Gardiner Animal Hospital and Megan Goodnow for helping me out in a bind. I had a feral cat wander into my house in Uptown Kingston two nights ago, and having three dogs that would love to tear the little guy apart, I prepared to bring him to the SPCA the next day before work. Low and behold the SPCA was so overflowing with cats - they could not take him! I started frantically calling around to no avail. So I brought him to camp Seewackamano with me while dropping off my daughter, and Megan (who works in the office there) agreed to take him to the Gardiner Animal Hospital to foster him while we all searched for a permanent home. Since I had to get to work - this was a Godsend. I think we've even already identified a home for him. Thank you!

Melissa Nelson

Thank you gardiner animal hospital for making my Gracie all better.

Edward Lewis

Dr Austin rocks she saved my dog Brownies life we are for ever grateful to her and the Hospital.

Candy Jones

Dr. Feeny recently saw our cat, Marshmallow for her sedation pills because we moved to Alaska. Thank you for everything you've done for her. She survived the plane flight and is doing fine.

Julie LeRoy

You saved Murphy's life. Thank you.

Holly Christine Kramer

Thank you for helping MoMo today! Your care for him was outstanding!!

Shannon Rachel

Absolutely... affordable

Beth Tompkins

Took great care of my baby Gus when I had to board him for two months!!!!!!

Dirty Dogs Pet Services

Gardiner Animal Hospital is by far the very best in the region. Dirty Dogs Pet Services highly recommends Dr. Goodnow and staff!! Thank you for everything throughout the years.

Debbie Bram

I love Gardiner Animal Hospital & Dr. Goodnow, I used them for several years and as a breeder I highly recommend Dr. Goodnow & his staff.